The skin needs treatment to keep its elasticity, also on intimate areas.

Amoa is a Finnish company that is specialized in high quality intimate health products. Premium quality, maximum safety.

Amoa works in cooperation with doctors, sexual therapists and physiotherapists to create modern and safe products for the intimate well-being to help to recover and maintain elasticity and balance pH, moisturize and soothe in the intimate areas.
Stressful living, pregnancy and child births, aging, various physical challenges. Medication. Pollution and free radicals – All these affect the skin and body functions. Problems with drying mucous membrane, itching, cystitis, recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI), E.coli in urine and other health challenges. We have a lot of expertise both in highly safe and effective ingredients that fit perfectly the delegate intimate skin and we have knowledge of intimate health issues.

We welcome you to Amoa – Your intimate health care expert from Finland, the land of high technology, 300 000 lakes, inspiration, skills and love for passion! Amoa intimate health care products are sold in pharmacies.