Berocca Energy Cassis & Berries Effervescent Tablets

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Life is busy and trying to do it all can be challenging – especially when feeling low on energy. Thankfully, Berocca tablets are packed full of vitamins and minerals, including B1 and B2 to help support energy release, B12 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue and Vitamin C and Zinc help support the immune system to help keep you on top form every day.

Getting your Berocca couldn’t be simpler. Drop a tablet into a bottle or glass of water, leave it to fizz and enjoy! Take once a day. Spark your energy!

Berocca Energy poretablettien annostus on aikuisille ja vähintään 12-vuotiaille lapsille 1 poretabletti päivässä. Poretabletti liuotetaan lasilliseen vettä
Yksi Berocca Energy -poretabletti sisältää:

B1-vitamiini (tiamiini) 11,8 mg
B2-vitamiini (riboflaviini) 15 mg
B3-vitamiini (niasiini) 50 mg
B5-vitamiini (pantoteenihappo) 23 mg
B6-vitamiini (pyridoksiini) 8,22 mg
B7-vitamiini (biotiini) 150 μg
B9-vitamiini (foolihappo) 400 μg
B12-vitamiini (kobalamiini) 10 μg
C-vitamiini (askorbiinihappo) 500 mg
Magnesium 100 mg
Sinkki10 mg
Sokereita 0g/ta

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