MethodDraine Detox 250 ml


For example tiredness, lifeless skin and slow digestion are marks of overloaded body by metabolic waste. 40 % of metabolic waste comes from breathing air and the rest of it is coming from alcohol, cigarettes, food and drinks.

MethodDraine Detox cleanses your body from inside - naturally and effectively. Its effectiveness is based on carefully selected plants and their cooperative action. Triple effect - neutralizes, eliminates and protects.

  • Neutralizes - With Methoddraine body can identify the metamolic waste and change into eliminateable form
  • Protects - Green tea, powerful antioxidant helps to fight against free radicals.
  • Eliminates - Ingredients are stimulating bodys elimination systems of the body that body could eliminate the metabolic waste. 

Deep cleansers of MethodDraine Detox

  • Birch and meadowsweet - Effecting to metabolic wastes exiting by increasing the fluid removal effect. 
  • Artichoke and dandelion - Relieving digestion and colons function. Also promoting fat burning and affecting positively to colesterol levels.
  • Thistle and heart's ease - Cleaning skin. 
  • Fennel - Eliminates intestinal gases and prevents swelling. 
  • Green tea - Contains flavonoids (strong antioxidants), which are helping to fight against free radicals. 
  • Apple, grape, dried plum and tamarind - Cleasing colon by promoting its function.
  • Kelp (not in apple flavoured Detox) - Strenghtening the impact of 10 other plants. Contains iodine and activates thyroid gland and also the metabolism of whole body. Not suitable for persons with hypothryroidism or hyperthyroidism. 

Not containing any food preservatives, sweeteners or added sugar.

Apple flavoured MethodDraine Detox is iodine free.



20 days cleansing regimen (250 ml)

Detox -fluid: Mix 12 ml with 1,5 litres of water, drink during day.

Drink also 1,5 litres of low-mineral water, herb tea, vegetable stock or green tea and eat light meals. Avoid things which are increasing the metabolistic waste: Cigarettes, coffee, black tea, sugar, alcohol, milk products, meat and hard adiposes. Use soft vegetable adiposes and eat a lot of vegetables, berrys, fruits and fish. 


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