Licener Anti-lice shampoo 100 ml

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1 l = 187.80 €

1 l = 187.80 €

Licener - for the treatment of head lice and lice eggs.


Liceners features
  • Single treatment - Licener is able to eliminate head lice and lice eggs in just one application. Licener suffocates the lice and lice eggs by forming a coating that blocks the transport of oxygen.
  • Eliminates head lice and eggs - Licener has been tested in several (clinical) studies and it has been proven that Licener is 100% effective on head lice and lice eggs.
  • Natural product - Licener is a non-toxic head lice shampoo which is made from natural active ingredients. Licener does not contain any chemical substances that are dangerous or inflammable.
  • Works whitin 10 minutes - Licener is already 100% effective after just one application of 10 minutes! Furthermore, no additional washing or combing is needed which makes it convenient to use.


How to use?


Application method

  1. STEP 1: Apply the Licener shampoo to dry hair.
    Use sufficient shampoo to cover all the hair. The amount will depend on the length of the hair but must saturate all hair down to the scalp surface. Massage in well, and then leave for just 10 minutes to take effect. If a number of family members are infested with head lice you should treat them all on the same day with Licener in order to prevent new infestations.
  2. STEP 2: Rinse out the Licener shampoo.
    Rinse the shampoo from the hair thoroughly using lukewarm water. As with any shampoo, avoid getting into the eyes and other mucous membranes. It is not necessary to wash the hair with a normal shampoo after treatment with Licener. If desired you can comb the hair after treatment to remove dead lice and eggs.



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