Yotuel Pharma whitening toothpaste 50 ml

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1 l = 176.20 €

1 l = 176.20 €

Yotuel removes protein and bacterial plaque and prevents their formation. It cleans the teeth thoroughly protecting them from potential damage. Yotuel toothpaste power is based on causes of two natural ingredients. These are proteolytic papaya entsyme from papaya and obtain xylitol from birch, which destroys the microbes. Furthermore, Yotuels sodium fluoride contains 100 percent active fluoride, which is an important component in preventing caries. Yotuel can even stop an already existing hole formation. Yotuel the pH is neutral, so that papain can affect and the tooth enamel is not damaged, which prevents the formation of holes. Yotuel contains no sugar and no foaming sodium lauryl sulfate.

Yotuel is also suitable for afta-sensitive people, because it does not contain a general toothpastes sodium lauryl sulfate, which dissolves out the natural protective layers of the mucous membranes. Therefore Yotuel save the gums and mucous membranes.

Mild salt liqourice flavor.


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