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BIOBAK is an effective lactobacillus product in powder form for intestinal disorders of companion and domestic animals. Recommended during diarrhoea and antibiotic treatment to maintain and recover the correct bacterial flora. Also used in cases of stress, heavy training, or changes in diet.

Biobak contains cold dried Enterococcus. faecium, which is a natural intestinal bacterium isolated from the content of a healthy animal. It prevents the adhesion of the panthogenic bacteria on the wall of the intestine and supports the absorption of the nutrients.


BIOBAK is easy to use

The bacteria is mixed in glucose and barley. Mix the powder with some lukewarm water. It is recommended that this is done few hours before mixing it to the feed, for the cold dried bacterias to activate. This preparate is then given for 4-6 days. If diarrhoea persists, always contact your veterinarian.



Enterococcus faecium (cold dried) 2 %
Glucose 19 %
Barley 79 %
Bacteria count 720 million/g



Cats   1 tea spoonful/ day
Dogs under 5 kg 1 tea spoonfuls/ day
Dogs 5-10 kg 2 tea spoonfuls/ day
Dogs  10-30-kg   3 tea spoonfuls/ day
Dogs  30-60-kg  4 tea spoonfuls/ day
Rodents   1/4  tea spoonfuls/ day
Rabbits 1 tea spoonful/day

Horses   8-10 tea spoonfuls/ day, Foals   2-4 tea spoonfuls/ day

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Pakkauskoko- 175 g

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