Fortini Multi Fibre Strawberry 4 x 200 ml

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1 l = 11.86 €

1 l = 11.86 €

Fortini is intended for oral nutritional support for children with a functional or partially functional gastrointestinal tract and who are unable or unwilling to eat sufficient quantities of conventional foods to meet their nutritional requirements. It is primarily intended as a supplement to the normal diet but can be used as a sole source of nutrition.




Fortini Multi Fibre is energy dense (150kcal/100ml) to promote weight recovery. The percentage of energy from protein in Fortini Multi Fibre is 9 energy% (which equates to 3.4g/100ml) and is within that recommended by the FAO/WHO/UNU (2007) for malnourished children (>1 year) who required catch-up growth.[1]


Fortini Multi Fibre is nutritionally complete for the dietary management of undernutrition (or risk of undernutrition) in children. It has a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibres (MF6TM) to help improve bowel function. It comes in four preferred flavours (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana) to support compliance, and is also available unflavoured (’milk-style’).



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