Kama Sutra Lubricant 110 g

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1 kg = 119.55 €
1 kg = 119.55 €


Kama Sutra is a high quality water-soluble lubricant to increase natural vaginal lubrication by providing moisture to vaginal mucous membranes. It can also be used as a personal lubricant to ease intercourse in missing vaginal lubrication.
A decreased natural estrogen level starting from menopause decreases the production of vaginal lubrication contributing to dryness of vaginal mucous membranes. The membranes become thinner, dry and irritated.
Temporary vaginal dryness can be caused by pregnancy and breast feeding, medications, use of contraceptives, stress, hormonal imbalance and tiredness.
The vaginal dryness often causes inconvenience to sexual life, because intercourse can cause pain instead of pleasure. There is no need to suffer from loss of this pleasure. The use of Kama Sutra lubricant can add the pleasure and intimacy of the sexual experience.

Active ingredients

  • Lanolin
  • Allantoin

To moisturize mucous membranes in the intimate area.

Plastic bottle 110 g.


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