CARTIVET+ MSM for dogs 100 tablets

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Complementary feedingstuff designed by veterinarians, to maintain normal mobility and joint function on dogs. Cartivet can be used on all dogs of all ages, but it is most benefcial for older dogs, or dogs in heavy training and exercise.


Composition of one tablet:

Glukosamiinia 250 mg/tabl
MSM 250 mg/tabl
Kondroitiinisulfaattia 200 mg/tabl
hyaluronihappo 4,2 mg/tabl
C-vitamiini 20 mg/tabl
Mangaani 2 mg/tabl
Sinkki 1 mg/tabl
Mikrokiteinen selluloosa  
Kasvisperäiset makuaineet


One measure spoonful of powder (5ml, 3,3 g) is equal to 3 tablets.



During the first 6 weeks:

On dogs weighing: under 10 kg 1 tabl. / day, 10-25 kg 2 tabl. / day, 25-45 kg 4 tabl. / day, over 45 kg 6 tabl. / day

Dosing can be halved for maintenance after 6 weeks.


Additional product information

Pakkauskoko- 100 tablettia

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