SB12 Original mouth water 500 ml

SB12 Original mouth water 500 ml

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SB12 Neutralizes bad breath odour causing substances and prevents the causes of odour.


SB12 Original is an oral care product, that helps to prevent bad breath odour. SB12 is patented and it has an unique composition. It neutralizes substances causing bad breath odorand and prevents their formation. SB12 chemically bound to the tissues of the oral cavity, so that its effect lasts for up to 12 hours.

SB12 Original mouthwash has a good mint and menthol taste and it contains 0.05% sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride prevents tooth decay.



Rinse mouth with 10 ml (2 tea spoons) of SB12 mouth water during 1/2 - 1 minutes, spit mouth water out.


Additional product information

Pakkauskoko- 500 ml
Makuvaihtoehdot Minttu & mentoli

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