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Heart - Muscles - Nervous system - Exercising


Magnesium is an important mineral: It affects to fuctioning of the nervous system and bones. Magnesium also maintains the condition of teeth and bones, promotes normal energy metabolism of electrolytes and the formation of proteins. 
Factors that increase the need for magnesium: Physical activity and exercise, incomplete diet, convalescence, long-term nursing and poorly controlled diabetes.

Magnex Magnesium - B6 -effervescent tablet is ideal for athletes and active people. By using magnesium you can secure, for example, the muscles energy intake and recovery. Both magnesium and B6 -vitamin are advancing the normal metabolism. B6 -vitamin also promotes the metabolism of stored muscle sugar, protein and glycogen.

B6 -vitamin also..

  • advances the increase of red blood cells
  • advances the function of immune system
  • advances the function of hormone system.


Magnex Magnesium + B6 - effervescent tablet is sweetened with cyclamate, saccharin and mannitol. Product do not contain sugar, aspartam, lactose or glutein.




One tablet dissolved to class of water.  Take every night.


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