Amoa Balance Intimate moisturizing cream 100 ml

1 l = 146,00 €
1 l = 146,00 €

AMOA BALANCE – Intimate moisturizing cream: finishes off the result.

Finish off your intimate skin care with Amoa Balance treatment cream: A treatment cream for the well-being of the intimate area that is applied daily to the external intimate area. The condensed, bioactive composition soothes, nurtures, protects, and renews the skin and maintains the moisture balance of the skin in the intimate area. Also helps to prevent premature aging of the skin caused by the environment. The product strengthens the skin’s protective properties and boosts the skin’s own ecosystem so that healthy skin in the intimate area remains in good shape and is more sensitive to touch. Daily use benefits people of all ages, especially those suffering from dry skin. Suitable also to accompany locally used estrogen products. Wild plant-based anti-aging product. Use: Apply daily to the external intimate area, twice a day on dry skin.

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