Femarelle 40+ Rejuvenate 56 caps


Femarelle® is the most recommended non-hormonal option, endorsed by leading gynecologists around the world. Backed by science and sales of millions of units to date, the Femarelle line provides women around the globe a safe and effective option to alleviate their menopausal symptoms.

If you are in your 40s, and you start to see changes in your regular menstruation patterns, Femarelle® Rejuvenate is for you. Femarelle® Rejuvenate targets the primary stages and symptoms that accompany the hormonal changes that start in your 40s. The progress of irregular menstrual patterns is natural. With Femarelle® Rejuvenate, you will experience:

  •     better control over your decreased mood
  •     improved sleep
  •     increased energy levels
  •     better skin elasticity

The hormonal changes that start in your 40s affect your skin, your sleep, your energy levels and your mood. These changes can have a great impact on your daily life, however, this can be controlled. You are probably an active, working mother, partner, daughter and sister and need to handle all this while struggling with changing hormonal levels, which are confusing and a source of great concern. With Femarelle® Rejuvenate, you can put these concerns aside and continue with your daily life.

Recommended intake: 1 capsule, twice daily, can be taken with or without food.

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