Nutridrink Juice Style 4 x 200 ml

1 l = 13,59 €
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1 l = 13,59 €

Juice-style oral nutritional supplement with an energy dense ans moderated protein. Enriched with all essential vitamins, minerals ans trace elements. Gluten, fibre, fat and lactose free.



With normal diet. Suitable for

  • People with poor apetite or undernutrition (seniors, anorectics, cancer patients..)
  • Convalescents
  • Situations, where patient is not having enough nutrition (one-sided diet, chewing and/or swallowing problems..)

One bottle contains about 20 % of patients optimal daily need of nutrients.


Nutridrink Juice Style is at its best when chilled. If needed, can be watered down with water or mineral water for a food drink. Can be also freezed and eated as a popsicle. Not recommended kids under 3 years, because of the added colours.


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