Pronefra support renal function for cats and dogs 60 ml

1 l = 446,67 €

1 l = 446,67 €



DESCRIPTION: PRONEFRA® is used to maintain the balance of renal function in dogs and cats. PRONEFRA® is highly palatable and is based on the association of 5 ingredients:
• Calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate which decrease dietary availability of phosphorus by intestinal binding.
• Chitosan which is known to bind Uraemic toxins in intestines.
• The polysaccharides of Astragales that are known to which contribute to maintenance of normal kidney architecture.
• Marine oligopeptide contributes to maintain a balanced blood pressure.

PRONEFRA COMPOSITION: Fatty acids esterified with glycerol, astragalus powder concentrated in polysaccharides (9.5 %), meat and animal derivatives (poultry), calcium carbonate (3.6 %),
fish protein hydrolysate (1.9 %), magnesium carbonate (0.95 %), chitosan (0.95 %).
ADDITIVES PER KG: Technological additives: Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), E 321 (1b): 190 mg*; Polyoxyethylene (20)-sorbitan monooleate, E 433 (1): 4 800 mg.
* 1 ml of PRONEFRA contains about 0.02 mg of BHT
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude oils & fat 63.7 %; Crude protein 7.7 %; Crude ash 4.9 %; Crude fibre : Not applicable.

PRONEFRA INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake vigorously before use. Light sedimentation is normal. Give twice daily with feed or close to mealtime, using the dosing syringe (Cat: 1 ml / 4 kg twice daily; Dog: 1 ml / 5 kg twice daily). Water should be available at all times. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Ask for a veterinary advice before use. PRONEFRA® may not be suitable for some older animals or those under medical treatment for a specific digestive sensitivity related to their health. In case of regurgitation, it is recommended with caution to temporarily reduce the recommended amount of product for a few days and to consult your veterinary surgeon if this regurgitation persists.

1: Shake the bottle vigorously before use. 2: Unscrew the white cap to open the bottle. 3: Screw the ADAPTACAP® on the bottle. 4: Keep the bottle upright and open the ADAPTACAP®.
5: Insert the oral dosing syringe firmly inside. 6: Invert the bottle and slowly pull the plunger down so that the oral dosing syringe fills with the product. Withdraw the recommended
quantity according to the weight of your animal. 7: Return the bottle upright and remove the oral dosing syringe by gently twisting it out of the ADAPTACAP®. Close the ADAPTACAP®.
8: Gently push the product out of the syringe and mix it with feed. 8b: Alternatively, at feeding time, insert the syringe into the mouth of your animal and gently push the product out


Ranskalainen eläinten lääkintään keskittynyt Virbac on kehittänyt aivan uuden fosfaatin sitojan:
Pronefra®-nimisen  nestemäisen täydennysrehun, jota voidaan käyttää sekä kissoille että koirille.

Pronefran ainutlatuinen koostumus toimii näin:

1. Vähentää fosfaatinhyötysuhdetta. Kaksi suoliston fosfaatin sitojaa yhdessä: Kalsiumkarbonaatti ja magnesiumkarbonaatti.

Kun fosforiarvot ovat normaalit, krooninen munuaissairaus etenee hitaammin ja saavutetaan pidempi odotettu elinaika.

2. Sitoo ureemisia toksiineja

Suoliston ureemisten toksiinien sitoja:kitosaani auttaa säilyttämään urean normaalitason.

3. Auttaa säilyttämään munuaisten normaalin rakenteen.

Kurjenherneen polysakkaridit vähentävät fibroottisten muutosten lisääntymistä.

4. Tasapainottavat verenpainetta

Luonnollisten vasokatiivisten meren oligopeptidien tiedetään edistävän tasapainosta verenpainetta.

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