Inupekt Forte 60 tablets

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Complementary feedingstuff for intestinal disorders of pets.

The inulin of Inupekt forte is a natural prebiotic which maintains a favourable bacterial flora in the intestines. Inulin has a positive bifidogenic influence in the intestines. It cleans out the intestines by reducing the amount of harmful intestinal bacteria and thus leading to a more healthy bacterial flora. Glucan boosts the effect of inulin by inhibiting the attachment of  harmful bacteria to the wall of intestines. Glucan also boosts the immunological resistance of body. Pectin cleans the intestines and solifies the faeces during diarrhea.


Nutritional composition

One tablet contains
Inulin   300 mg
Glucose  130 mg
Pectin       30 mg
β-1,3/1,6-glucan       30 mg

Instructions and dosing

Dogs weight:
under 10 kg     1 tabl./ day
10 – 20 kg     2 tabl./ day
20 – 40 kg     3 tabl./ day
over 40 kg     4 tabl./ day

Can be used continuously, or in periods of 3 – 4 weeks. Dosing can be doubled during diarrhoea.

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