Helokki E drops 50 ml For cats, dogs and horses

Helokki E drops 50 ml For cats, dogs and horses

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Evening primrose oil and vitamin E liquid for dogs, cats and horses. The natural evening primrose oil includes gammalinolenic acid, linolic acid, and linolenic acid. The evening primrose oil of HELOKKI E is mechanically squeezed without any chemicals, and it is exclusively so called virgin oil.

Helokki E is used to relieve serious skin disorders especially allergies. It promotes the regeneration of the epidermis cells, which has to take place continuously. Also recommended for dogs and cats preparing for show to enhance the lustre and condition of the coat.



100 ml of liquid:
800 mg
3,8 g
9,2 g
54 g




Dosing (liquid):
Dogs   5 drops for dogs less than 5 kg per day
15 drops per 10 kg weight per day
Cats  5 drops per day

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